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Several procedures are available at Mommy Makeover Denver which can help moms regain their confidence as well as their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. Please contact us to learn more about our mother’s makeover treatments or to schedule an appointment.

Is It Necessary To Have Surgery For a Mommy Makeover?

Who hasn’t fantasised about having a fresh start, a do-over that will allow them to redefine themselves? The conventional mother makeover, on the other hand, necessitates surgical intervention. Furthermore, for some women, the cost of actual surgery, including sedation and stitches, is too high a price to pay in exchange for a desirable figure. Is there a better alternative to traditional mommy makeup?

The “classic” mommy makeover consists of a stomach tuck and a breast lift, but those procedures are quite invasive and come with all of the dangers associated with any surgical procedure. We provide a mommy makeover alternative that requires no downtime, allowing women to look and feel their best without the risks associated with surgical procedures. Surgery, as well as the recuperation period that follows, is difficult for anyone. When you have a newborn or young child at home, it might be practically difficult to recover from surgery in a satisfactory manner. This is where the brand-new mommy makeover comes in to save the day.

A Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover May Be Right For You

A non-surgical mommy makeover is similar to a traditional mommy makeover in that it is usually best to wait until after you have finished having children before scheduling an appointment. Subsequent pregnancies may bring back some of your worries, such as stretch marks or excess fat around the midsection.

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What Is The Difference Between a Surgical And Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover?

It’s crucial to realise that a non-surgical mommy makeover will not achieve the same outcomes as a standard mommy makeover in terms of physical appearance. However, for many women, this is acceptable because there is a trade-off. Several weeks of recuperation time are required for many ladies after having a stomach tuck procedure. For some, this may entail finding a sitter for their children, taking time off work, or generally putting their life on hold while they recover.

As opposed to surgical procedures, non-surgical procedures such as Coolsculpting or laser treatments generally involve little or no downtime. The only exception is the Fraxel laser, which has a typical recovery time of around a week and is used for hair removal.

A non-surgical mommy makeover and a traditional mommy makeover are also very different in terms of what they may accomplish. A stomach tuck is a procedure that removes extra, loose skin from the abdomen that may have developed after childbearing. Non-surgical mommy makeover procedures, for the most part, are ineffective at tightening the skin. However, they do assist in the correction of other areas of concern that a mother may have after giving birth, such as excess fat, hair, and visible veins.

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