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If you have extra skin or fat in the thigh area, you could be familiar with the difficulties that come with it, such as irritation, limited movement, and the inability to wear certain types of clothing in specific situations.

When it comes to your lower body, our thigh lift cosmetic operation may be the best option for you if you want a smoother contour and better proportions.

This Procedure Can Accomplish The Following:

  • Reducing or eliminating sagging or extra skin
  • Resculpt your thigh to achieve smoother skin and more defined features.
  • Create a more toned and symmetrical appearance by using makeup.

The Thigh Lift Surgical Procedure And What To Expect

During your initial appointment, your surgeon will discuss your specific cosmetic transformation goals with you, as well as the steps of the procedure, which may involve liposuction if it is appropriate.

You will be given detailed instructions on how to prepare for surgery and how to ensure that it goes smoothly, as well as information on which foods, beverages, and medications to avoid.

General anaesthesia is typically used for this outpatient operation, which is performed in a hospital setting. Immediately following surgery, you’ll be required to wear compression bandages to support your new shapes during the recovery process. Your care team will instruct you on how to properly elevate your legs while seated and the necessity of avoiding prolonged periods of standing or walking. Although discomfort will be experienced during the recovery phase, it can be managed with the medications prescribed by your surgeon.

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Remember that because this surgery will require general anaesthesia, you must have someone ready to pick you up and accompany you home after the procedure. It is crucial to your recovery and the success of your lift that you carefully follow the post-operative care recommendations provided by your doctor. Because of the position of the incisions, recuperation from a thigh lift can be difficult, and you should expect to require assistance at home for many days following the treatment. Generally, it takes six to eight weeks for this operation to completely recuperate.

Your surgeon may insert one or more small tubes, known as drains, into your incisions to allow excess fluid to drain, although these will only be in place for a short period. You may need to wear compression garments to help reduce post-surgical oedema and speed the healing of your incisions. While the incisions are healing, make sure to take any medications your doctor has prescribed and avoid subjecting the incisions to any excessive stress, force, or abrasion.

The Cost Of a Thigh Lift

The cost of a thigh lift is determined by your exact treatment goals as well as any other services you may require. During your meeting with your surgeon, you will be given an estimate of the cost of your thigh lift.

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